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professional design software
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Follow high-fidelity designs and a design system in Figma to create pixel-perfect websites like a pro.

using Git and other best practices
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Whether it's following an Agile approach or incorporating Git into your workflow, we'll help you prepare for what it's like to work in a professional tech team.

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an impressive portfolio of websites
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This project has something for everyone, and with its popular design it is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Don't be shy, give it a whirl!


Starting soon
CSSJSAPIReactAnimationsLottie JS

Build this cool Japanese design-inspired app and practise:

  • _

    Making a responsive web app with animated icons using Lottie JS

  • _

    Capturing user input and using that information dynamically to fetch data from an API

  • _

    Using Git to commit your code and hook it up to deploy automatically each time you push to Github

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